“…these hack crowdsourcing campaigns that certain agencies are selling to [companies]. There are lots of folks doing very cool things with user-generated content, but to ask professionals to compete against each other for potential ‘exposure’ is completely different. It’s demeaning…”

—Dan Casaro, as quoted by David Griner, “Meet the Hero Designer Who Publicly Shamed Showtime for Asking Him to Work for Free,” Adweek, August 19, 2014

Showtime holding a spec design contest to promote a Mayweather fight!? Please. What nerve! They’re raking it in hand over fist by overcharging fight fans for over-hyped, disappointing pay-per-view events. I’d love to see a contest where they’re obliged to use the most voted-upon entry, and only terrible art is submitted. Cheers to Dan Casaro, speaking up for designers everywhere.

(Via CLF)

Telling mega-media corporations: NO SPEC!


Congrats Art Moves Festival Artists

Galeria Rusz has announced this year’s artists to be included in the Art Moves Billboard Competition in Poland. Congrats to all the artists!

Special congrats to Justin A. Langlois, who also contributed to Make Things (Happen) (Check out his five provocations). (Full disclosure: I was on the jury for Art Moves. Note that the jurying was blind—I had no inkling who the artists were.)

P.S. Last month, I mouthed off about how the People’s Climate March Design Competition asked for free speculative work for their marketing campaign, and I linked to NO SPEC! Then I agreed to jury Art Moves. Why would I object to one and support another? Both call for print-ready images for reproduction in advertising spaces, and offer slim chances of remuneration. I tried to write a compare-and-contrast, but it’s probably rationalization: I’m just biased against advertising and for small artist-run organizations. That’s my nineties values for you. So NO SPEC! if you want, and decide what art competitions are right for you. (Not sure where to start? Try here.)