I think of this blog as an exercise in Research + Development as an Artist, Citizen, and Art Community member.

1. To promote professionalism, rigor and generosity–values I hope to reciprocate within the San Francisco Bay Area art community and larger world.

2. To demystify the life of an artist. To share my enthusiasm for contemporary art.

3. To consider ethics and politics–the artist as citizen.

4. To think about what it means to be an artist, and the process of becoming the kind of artist I would respect and admire.

I’ll be sharing experiences, event listings, reviews, quotes, links and reflections. Though this writing will be grounded in my experiences, rather than writing about me, I look forward to thinking about larger issues through a localized investigation.

SHIFT TO NYC, Summer 2010

I’ll continue to post musings, links to points of (art) references, information and resources. I foresee two opportunities for correcting the course of this blog, however.

First, publicizing worthwhile projects in the Bay Area seems like a community service, because there’s far more deserving projects than critical arts coverage here. NY, with its countless shows, spaces and publications, might take a different tack.

Second, I’m only one in a long march of artists who relocate to NY. This presents a conundrum for me—my coming-to-New-York, artist-in-the-big-city story is cliche, yet that doesn’t change the fact that my experience in the near future is going to be one of discovery. I’ll continue to strive to be accessible, relevant, and honest about my observations.

I’m looking forward to connecting with like-minded artists, curators, writers and thinkers with strong commitments to rigor, excellence, community and ethics.

I’m excited to nurture my ties to the Bay Area: friendships, writing projects, art projects and other collaborations. I’m open to suggestions. Send me a note!


This blog covers issues spanning art and politics. Just like the non-virtual world, some parts of the blog, or its links, may not be suitable for kids.

My web site is a great place for kids and parents to learn more about me and my art.

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