t_xt_rt @ jenkins johnson (nyc), procedural @ macarthur b arthur (oakland)

I'll show think good thoughts / fortify good attitudes (above) and Unlimited Promise in this promising group show featuring text-based art.

I'll show think good thoughts / fortify good attitudes (above) and Unlimited Promise in this promising group show featuring text-based art.

Opening Thursday, May 5: T_XT_RT @ Jenkins Johnson Gallery

T_XT_RT highlights the connection between artists and writers, visual art and written word, and author and audience through a wide variety of mediums ranging from interactive electronics to neon signs, drawings, paintings, photography, sculpture, installation, and spoken word.

Artists: Jeremy Bert, Samantha Boudrot, Brian Dettmer, Tim Etchells, Claudia Goulette, Cody Hoyt, Mena Kamel, Glenn Ligon, Jack Pierson, Burt Ritchie, Felandus Thames, Leonie Weber, Christine Wong Yap, and Samson Young.

Two readings accompany the exhibition. Reading I will feature Susan Brennan, Will Edmiston, Adam Fagin, Evan Kennedy, Jesse Seldess, and Stacy Szymaszek. Reading II will feature David Buuck, Tom Comitta, Monica de la Torre, Julie Patton, and Kim Rosenfield.

May 5–June 25, 2011
Opening Reception: Thurs, May 5, 6-8pm
T_XT_RT reading I: Thurs, May 19, 6pm
T_XT_RT reading II: Thurs, June 2, 6pm
Jenkins Johnson Gallery
521 W. 26th Street, 5th Floor (between 10th & 11th)
New York, NY
Gallery hours: Tue–Sat, 10am–6pm

Plus: If you haven’t yet seen The Black Portrait at Rush Arts Gallery (or maybe you went to the opening and it was so crowded you would like to revisit it), the exhibition continues thru May 21, and it’s just across the street from Jenkins Johnson. Please get in touch if you’d like an artist like me to walk through the shows with a visitor like you.

Procedural  Curated by Jackie Im and Aaron Harbour May 6th – 29th, 2011

Opening Friday, May 6: Procedural @ Macarthur B Arthur

I always welcome experimental opportunities, so I was thrilled when the curators asked me to participate. I sent instructions inspired by experimental psychology, and can’t wait to see how the project takes shape, especially alongside such a killer line-up of artists.

Procedural is an exhibition of instruction-based works. Thirteen artists were invited to create new pieces in the form of instructions to be performed and fabricated by the curators, Jackie Im and Aaron Harbour. The resulting works are both products of the artists’ hand and their conceptualizing process, as well as representing the series of decisions made during production, in this case by Im and Harbour. The visible hand of the curators in each work directly implicates the curator as not just a supervisor but also as a collaborator. Procedural reflects on and questions the importance of the individual artists’ hand versus concept and explores artwork as a collaboration between artists, curators, fabricators, and audience.

Artists: Miguel Calderón, Chris Cobb, Anthony Discenza, Maggie Haas, Kelly Lynn Jones, Mads Lynnerup, Julio César Morales, Marco Rios, Trevor Shimzu, Chris Sollars, Charlene Tan, Kara Tanaka, and Christine Wong Yap.

Curated by Jackie Im and Aaron Harbour.

May 6–29, 2011
Reception: Fri, May 6, 7–10pm
MacArthur B Arthur
4030 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Oakland, CA.
Gallery hours: Sundays, 1-5pm and by appt.



mirrorsblackportrait, 2011, mirrors, paint, frames, wire, motor, hardware; 112 x 21 x 21 in / 2.8 m x 0.5 x 0.5 m (site variable).

mirrorsblackportrait, 2011, mirrors, paint, frames, wire, motor, hardware; 112 x 21 x 21 in / 2.8 m x 0.5 x 0.5 m (site variable).

I made mirrorsblackportrait, a new kinetic sculpture, for The Black Portrait, an exhibition curated by Natasha L. Logan and Hank Willis Thomas, currently on view through May 16 at Rush Arts Gallery, 526 W. 26th Street in New York City’s Chelsea district. I’m quite pleased of the result and very proud to be in the show, which is mostly 2-D portraits or figurative works by African American artists, as well as a few videos and installations. I think my piece is points out the construction of race, as well as working as an abstraction, in a sense, within the show.

I’ve posted a video on Vimeo of mirrorsblackportrait. Have a look!

If you’re in town, please visit the show, I think it’s got a lot of strong works in it. I’d also be happy to walk through the show too, if you’re interested—email me. Cheers!


3/31: The Black Portrait opens at Rush Arts Gallery

I’m producing a new kinetic installation for this group exhibition….

March 31 – May 21, 2011
The Black Portrait

Opening: Thursday, March 31 · 6-8pm

The word black has several meanings in our society. It may reference individuals or groups with dark skin; a complete absence of light; the opposite of white; or the embodiment of a negative or pessimistic disposition. A portrait is understood to represent a person or thing, usually in the form of a drawing, painting, photograph, engraving, or text.

When these terms are linked, a sense of alchemical potency is suggested. This exhibition brings together paintings, photographs, videos, collage and sculpture by ten artists contending with what it means to make a black portrait. It aims to use this linkage to expand dialogue about identity, difference, and belonging in contemporary culture.

Kajahl Benes
Delphine Diallo
Duron Jackson
Coby Kennedy
Toyin Odutola
Kambui Olujimi
Shane Aslan Selzer
Keisha Scarville
Felandus Thames
Christine Wong Yap

Curated by Hank Willis Thomas and Natasha Logan.

Rush Arts Gallery
526 W. 26th Street, Suite 311 (between 10th and 11th), New York, NY