Art Practical: Talking Shop / Review of Curtain Call

The latest Art Practical is online, and it features a new collaboration with SFMOMA.

Have a look at Zachary Royer Scholz’ essay, “San Francisco and the Art World of Tomorrow” and Christian L. Frock’s “Notes on Alternative Autonomy.” While you’re there, you can also read my latest art review: “Curtain Call”, by sculptor Robert de Saint Phalle at Dodge Gallery, NYC.

Over at SFMOMA’s Open Space (where I posted Positive Signs #2 yesterday), you’ll find “Shadowshop: Recipe for Boiling Water,” by Renny Pritikin, posing a series of questions inspired by Stephanie Syjuco’s Shadowshop project at SFMOMA.

Art & Development

Shadowshop is now open for business!

I’m a proud participant in Shadowshop:

a temporary and alternative store/distribution point embedded within the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s fifth floor galleries, Shadowshop will stock hundreds of artists’ multiples, small works, tchotchkes, catalogs, books, zines, media works, and other distributive creative output.

While operating as an actual mom-and-pop style store, Shadowshop is also a platform for exploring the ways in which artists are navigating the production, consumption, and dissemination of their work. Four themes (1. artwork-as-commodity, 2. cultural souvenirs, 3. bootlegs and counterfeits, and 4. alternative distribution systems) will contextualize selected projects that are both complicit with and also critical of capitalist circulation. Special projects will be commissioned by Packard Jennings, Juan Luna-Avin, and Imin Yeh.

For almost six months (November 20, 2010—May 1, 2011) Shadowshop will feature only local Bay Area works, give museum visitors access to a wide variety of affordable wares, and provide a snapshot of a vibrant and energetic art scene.

Support your local artists! 100% of pre-tax sales from Shadowshop go directly to the artists.

A project by Stephanie Syjuco in conjunction with the SFMOMA exhibition “The More Things Change” and supported by the Live Art program.

Along with multiples I’ve made by hand, I contributed a new work…
u&me, me&u pillows

With alternating texts on each side, u&me/me&u acknowledges the give and take in relationships between lovers, friends, and artists and viewers, and the validity of diverse perspectives. It is inspired by a pillow embroidered by activists Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon.

u&me/me&u are sewn by the artist in small editions. The open edition will primiere at Shadowshop, a temporary and alternative store/distribution point by Stephanie Syjuco for the exhibition The More Things Change at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

100% of profits from u&me/me&u at Shadowshop will be donated to Marriage Equality USA, an all-volunteer, national non-profit organization whose mission is to secure legally recognized civil marriage equality for all, at the federal and state level, without regard to gender identity or sexual orientation.

shadowshop, local art for mass distribution

To purchase the pillows ($75 each) and support marriage equality, visit Shadowshop, on the fifth floor of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, from November 20, 2010–May 1, 2011. If you are unable to visit SFMOMA, email me to reserve a pillow from a forthcoming batch, to be produced in the coming months.