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MDR, Balloons, Exuberance

MONSTER DRAWING RALLY PHOTOS & VIDEO. Check out this slideshow of the Monster Drawing Rally by Hanna Quevedo on! There’s also a short video on


BALLOONS. Thinking about them lately, and came across this awesome photo sequence of a sculpture made of balloons by Hans Hemmert on Sweet.


IRRATIONAL EXUBERANCE. This economics term, coined by Alan Greenspan, shook markets worldwide in the 1990s. What a paradox. I’ve been thinking about pleasure and its crucial role in the formation of happiness since I started studying positive psychology last year. I’ve also been using unabashedly exuberant typefaces, especially high-contrast Didot faces, despised in their day and seen as both high-class and slightly cheap today. The idea that exuberance is irrational to be equally ludicrous as the idea of exuberance should be rational. It’s a delicious paradox.

This & That Mail Art Swap

shameless self-promotion (by proxies), updated

People are talking about This & That International Mail Art Swap, a project I organized that’s currently in Involved, Socially at Triple Base Gallery.

Hiya Swanhuyser valiantly connected This & That and astronomical phenomena in a write-up on (Cheers to Joshua Churchill, whose transit-specific project garnered Swanhuyer’s appreciation)


Stephanie Syjuco posted kind words about my curatorial efforts on her blog.

Involved, Socially is reviewed here:

sf chron thumbnail: visual art
Ari Messer’s feature for the San Francisco Chronicle’s 96 Hours section.

and here:

Cheryl Meeker blogged about my project and Amanda Curreri’s work for