Erlich, Chen

Hair Salon is a mirrored installation by Leandro Erlich at the Singapore Biennial — but it uses no mirrors. Brilliant! The work’s investigation of the “mutability of perception” strikes a chord with me (see my work in Activist Imagination). It’s funny how much this piece reminds me of Mario Ybarra Jr.’s New Chinatown Barbershop installation, yet with totally different aims.

See pics and read more in a write-up by Fumio Nanjo for Universes in Universe.

Also, an unsung hero gets some recognition… Edward Guthmann wrote up a nice profile of one of the most respected, intelligent, hardworking artists and exhibition-producers I have the good fortune of knowing and working with. Check it out at “Kevin Chen’s job: to make sure show goes on,” S.F. Chronicle (October 2, 2008)