The Making of The Eve Of... Self-initiated Residency and Exhibition, a timeline flow chart after Alfred H. Barr, Jr.

Christine Wong Yap, The Making of The Eve Of… Self-initiated Residency and Exhibition, 2014. A timeline flow chart after Alfred H. Barr, Jr. [PDF]

Produced for the Open City/Art City panel, SOS ARTISTS: Strategies of Survival, curated and moderated by Christian L. Frock, and held at YBCA on October 4, 2014.

Meta-Practice, The Eve Of...

The Making of The Eve Of… Self-initiated Residency and Exhibition, a timeline flow chart

News, The Eve Of...

10/4: The Eve Of… as Survival Strategies at Open City/Art City

The making of The Eve Of…, in diagrammatic and GIF forms.

The Making of The Eve Of... Self-Initiated Residency and Exhibition.

The Making of The Eve Of… Self-Initiated Residency and Exhibition.

Here’s a tiny teaser of a detailed diagram on the making of The Eve Of…; along with a narrated video, it’ll be presented this Saturday at Open City/Art City at YBCA. I’ll be there in spirit, but not in person. It’s too bad, as my other panelists, assembled by the formidable Christian L. Frock, are fantastic artists for whom I have tons of respect.

SOS ARTISTS: Strategies of Survival

Curated and Moderated by Christian L. Frock, Independent Writer, Curator and Educator
This interactive session will present strategies for developing self-made public opportunities for artists at all stages of development, with an emphasis on what is possible through autonomy and collaboration. In addition to the live event, documents relevant to the discussion will be available to freely view and share online at


  • Christian L. Frock, writer and curator, Invisible Venue: On creating public platforms through unconventional organizational partnerships
  • Jonn Herschend, artist and co-publisher, The Thing: On recent high profile commercial projects and creating equitable corporate collaborations with integrity
  • Ernest Jolly, artist and co-curator, ArtComplex, Oakland: On ArtComplex’s experimental exhibition model and creating opportunities within transitional real estate
  • Favianna Rodriguez, artist and activist, on producing multiples and direct studio sales to raise funds to advance larger projects
  • Stephanie Syjuco, artist and John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Visual Arts Fellow: On self-publishing her successful Guggenheim application, and transparency as a mode of working amidst competition
  • Christine Wong Yap, artist: On the development of her self-initiated New York residency and solo exhibition, and building new models of production in public spaces

More info at

That’s the brains of the thing. Here’s the behind-the-scenes braun:

The Eve Of... installation and deinstallation.

The Eve Of… installation and deinstallation.

Ben Sadler's flow chart, on Emily Speed's Work Makes Work Tumblr, which ostensibly encourages young artists to keep working. However, Sadler jump-cuts from receipt of an opportunity to the end of it, and shows how applying to opportunities seems circularly Sisyphean...

Ben Sadler‘s funny flow chart, on Emily Speed’s Work Makes Work Tumblr. Ostensibly, the charts encourage young artists to keep working. But Sadler jump-cuts from receipt to the end of an opportunity, showing how the application process can seem circularly Sisyphean…. // Source:

I received four rejection letters in as many weeks. Applying to opportunities means fielding rejections, but it can feel pretty harsh—as illustrated above—when they come in quick succession.


work makes (more) work: Ben Sadler on applying to opportunities