New Rules of Public Art

I love Public Art Now’s latest post, New Rules of Public Art.

Public art is complicated, from the politics to the logistics. There are concerns about its appeal, offensiveness, safety. There’s the convention of permanent monuments. There’s the instrumentalization to serve bureaucratic civic outcomes or constituencies or corporate sponsors. All these things add up to can’t’s and shouldn’t’s about what public art can be.  

These new rules are great, because they’re interesting and enthusiastic. They embrace and celebrate the risk-taking inherent to public art. I love the optimistic, energetic attitude. I dare you not to be inspired.


2014 StudioWorks applications available

I had an awesome residency experience this past summer at the Tides Institute and Museum of Art. You can read and see pics here.

I’m happy to share that applications 2014 StudioWorks residency are now open!

Review the info here:

Deadline: February 15, 2014

Go for it, buddies!

Community, Meta-Practice

Shaping the art criticism that we would like to participate in

Art Practical's first issue on its redesigned site.

Art Practical’s first issue on its redesigned site.

Have a look at the re-design of Art Practical, an online art criticism platform with reviews and features focusing on San Francisco Bay Area art.

Five years ago, there was a dearth of art criticism in the Bay Area. The chances of having a review written about your work seemed maddeningly infinitesimal. I think all that has changed because of Art Practical, with its diverse base of contributors and regular bi-weekly publishing schedule. It’s better edited than most metro dailies and stays focused on substance..

Art Practical can’t single-handedly cover all the shows in the Bay Area, but does more than any other publication or platform. It also centralizes an archive of Bay Area art activity, and cultivates a new generation of critics.

Art Practical is a perfect example of what happens when dedicated people actualize an aspect of the art world they want to participate in.

If Bay Area artists still feel like there isn’t enough art criticism there, I’d challenge them to submit a Shotgun Review. Complaining about the lack of criticism won’t result in better or more criticism, as legions of Bay Area artists and art students have shown. Taking a position and crafting a review requires risk and responsibility, just like building a new platform to enhance a local art ecology.   

The latest issue features a history of Bay Area art in eleven shows.


Happiness Is… an inquisitive conversation with The Aphorists

My fellow Happiness Is… artists and I were guests on The Aphorists, a conversational podcast hosted by artists Jesse Houlding and Anthony Daniel Ryan. Have a listen to us talking

about Positive Psychology, skepticism, cake eating and making work that makes a difference.

Check out Episode #7 and The Aphorists’ past episodes on a variety of political and cultural topics.


Get excited: SHIPPING & RECEIVING Storefront Preview

Via TC: coming soon, an exhibition (I’m excited to participate in) called SHIPPING & RECEIVING:

on a quasi-historical time-warp art installation about lost and future Californias, happening at Storefront Lab (337 Shotwell Street in SF) the month of January, 2013.

We have a few of the items that will be for sale in the actual storefront available on an intangible storefront, in case you are interested in any of them for oh, say, Christmas, or live far away but still want nifty things:

Proceeds go directly to defraying production costs for the installation, so think of this as a gentle alternative to a IndieGoUSAprojectStarter campaign. No hype, no pressure, no well-lit video, just a neat thing in the mail or available for local pickup.


get excited: as real as it gets @ Apex

The Mariana’s Montalvo Historical Fabrications and Souvenirs Shop was one of my favorite shows this year so far. Check it out, New Yorkers.

As Real As It Gets
November 16 – December 22, 2012
Apex Art, 291 Church Street, New York, NY 10013 USA
Opening Reception: Thursday, November 15: 6-8 pm 

Organized by Rob Walker
Featuring work by: Kelli Anderson, Conrad Bakker, Beach Packaging Design, Matt Brown, Steven M. Johnson, Last Exit To Nowhere, MakerBot Industries, The Marianas (Michael Arcega and Stephanie Syjuco), Angie Moramarco, Oliver Munday, Omni Consumer Products, Staple Design, U.S. Government Accountability Office, Ryan Watkins-Hughes, Marc Weidenbaum/Disquiet Junto, Shawn Wolfe, and Dana Wyse