Get excited: SHIPPING & RECEIVING Storefront Preview

Via TC: coming soon, an exhibition (I’m excited to participate in) called SHIPPING & RECEIVING:

on a quasi-historical time-warp art installation about lost and future Californias, happening at Storefront Lab (337 Shotwell Street in SF) the month of January, 2013.

We have a few of the items that will be for sale in the actual storefront available on an intangible storefront, in case you are interested in any of them for oh, say, Christmas, or live far away but still want nifty things:

Proceeds go directly to defraying production costs for the installation, so think of this as a gentle alternative to a IndieGoUSAprojectStarter campaign. No hype, no pressure, no well-lit video, just a neat thing in the mail or available for local pickup.


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