News: I joined Ortega y Gasset, and begin a Midwest season

I am now part of Ortega y Gasset Projects, a cross-country artist’s collective. You may have heard of it as one of the many artist-run project spaces in the 17-17 Troutman building in Ridgewood, Queens, NY. Now, we’re working on itinerant programming, including a show of our own work that opens next weekend in the Chicago metro area.

November 15–December 13, 2014
EARTHTWERKS & Other Celestial Familiars

SideCar Gallery
Hammond, IN
Artists: Lauren Frances Adams (MD), Eleanna Anagnos (NY), Joshua Bienko (TN), Clare Britt (IL), Eric Hibit (NY), Fritz Horstman (CT), Leeza Meksin (NY), Sheilah Wilson (OH), Zahar Vaks (NY), Christine Wong Yap (NY).
Reception: Saturday, November 15, 5–10

I’m currently working towards two other opportunities in the Midwest in 2015: a group show in Cincinnati, OH, and a residency in Wichita, KS. Looking forward to seeing more of this amazing country.


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