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W.A.G.E. Certification is finally here!

I’d been wishing for a US version of CARFAC for years, and now we finally have one.


WAGE certification screenshot

WAGE certification screenshot


W.A.G.E. has recently released a recommended fee schedule for paying artists!

I’m also fascinated by W.A.G.E.’s list of example galleries and museums. The annual budgets and director salaries are especially intriguing. The pay scale for directors ranges wildly (just as it does for artists).

W.A.G.E. makes this a super exciting time to be talking and thinking about artists, ethics, and art world transparency. Please contribute to W.A.G.E.’s fundraising campaign!


Christian L. Frock has rounds up initiatives exploring artists and payment for KQED. She kindly includes a mention my blog post of an artist’s decision tree.


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