Art Competition Odds

My 2013 in Art Competitions

Stats on my art competition applications in 2013.

Last year, I applied to 34 art competitions.*

I applied to: 11 residencies, 8 exhibitions/museum submissions, 6 fellowships, 4 studio programs, 3 grants & awards, and 2 professional development programs.


I received: 1 residency, 1 grant, and 1 professional development program.


I was also informed that I was a finalist for 2 residencies and 1 award.


My overall success rate was 3 out of 34, or 1 in 11.3, or 8.8%.

I paid $280 in application fees for 9 applications.


The most expensive was a residency at $45, followed by a residency and fellowship at $40 each. The lowest fee was $10 (to submit work for review to a museum). Twenty-five applications were free.

(*This amount of applications in one 12-month period is a quirk due to the fact that my “goal-year” starts in June. To meet my goal of 24 applications per year, I did 7 in the second half of 2012, and now I only need to do 10 more this spring.)


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