Meta-Practice, Values

Recommended Reads on Public Sculpture and Self-Criticism

On Public Sculpture

“Best of All Possible Worlds” by Mark Lane
The Believer (Nov/Dec 2013)

Public sculpture, a well-intentioned art competition, Richard Florida-inspired development, class, gentrification, a NYC artist and an Evansville, IL neighborhood collide in this report of a true and impolitic debacle. I highly recommend it.

Implicitly, it suggests how not to redevelop a neighborhood, run an art competition, and instrumentalize public sculpture. At the same time, it offers one way an artist could ethically interact with locals.

On Self-Criticism

“Four Ways to Constructive Criticze Yourself,” by Juliana Breines
Greater Good Science Center, January 9, 2014

These suggestions are fantastic. Artists can benefit from them, especially when thinking about what we can and can’t control in the art world, our own practices, and networks. It’s easy to get down in the dumps when we’re hungry for more, or get poisonously resentful that we’re not the recognition that you deserve. For people who are really hard on yourself, take this as a reminder to practice self-compassion.


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