I’ve been sewing flags. Mini desktop ones. Full-sized ones. Scouring the garment district for woven synthetics, heftier lamés. Strategically planning grommet-hammering sessions to for my neighbors’ sakes. Very excited about opportunities to show them in  New York (Art in Odd Places, October 5–15) and beyond (details forthcoming)….

One sleepless night, I stumbled upon, a vexillology resource by Dave Martucci. Vexillology is the study and science of flags. Martucchi’s site harkens back to the early days of the web, when home pages expressed the depth and variety of one’s enthusiasms via long, encoded HTML pages with small, quick-loading graphics. Pages include:

I enjoyed learning about flag terms, cultural associations, and histories. I’ve been experimenting with colors, shapes, and proportions on my own, because I wanted to make my flags free of referent. They should simply express Irrational Exuberance.


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