See: KleinReid’s Luster Tiles

I couldn’t stop examining David Reid’s gold luster tile at La Mama La Galleria (in Mixed Messages, a Visual Aids show through July 3, including Leveller* by Amanda Curreri). Have a look at the Luster Tiles series.

The materials are baffling: it looks like a solid brass plaque from the side, but the front looks like a front-surface gold mirror with milk glass fused in, but the face is super smooth, in a continuous surface. It’s actually glazed porcelain, so I guess the sense of depth comes from the reflective gold next to the translucent white. It’s really neat, and surprisingly affordably priced. Put Showtime on my wish list!

*A preceding cousin, I only realized lately, to my you&me/me&you pillow. As HWT put it recently, “I can’t tell if you’re influencing me or I’m influencing you!?”



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