63 days

Ai Weiwei was arrested/disappeared 63 days ago today. Except for a 30-minute visit from his wife, he’s been cut off from family, friends, and legal counsel. While spring unfolds with tornados, unseasonable rain storms and heat waves, and the art world’s focus turns to the Venice Biennale, the unjust detainment of critical voices, like Ai’s, his associates, and dozens of thinkers, continues in China.

It’s difficult to fathom the amount of time that’s passed since April 3rd, when Ai and his associates were taken away by police. A brief thought experiment might help: recall where you were in early April, and everything you’ve done since then—the accomplishments, the work, the setbacks, the people and places… For Ai it’s missing the closing of his show at Tate Modern, the opening of his Zodiac Heads in London’s Somerset House and New York’s Central Park, the release of his book by MIT Press, not to mention other professional, personal, and and political activities, or the basic human freedoms of movement, speech, association, etc…


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