Art & Development

Ioana Nemes, 1978-2011

While there is time, let’s go out and feel everything.

–Paul Thek, American artist, 1933-1988

It takes a lot of courage to attempt to fulfill one’s potential. Ioana Nemes (1978-2011) pursued her art with commitment and rigor, but her life was cut tragically short this past weekend. Her enormous potential was self-evident, as is the loss to the rest of us now.

Ioana Nemes, Art in General

Ioana Nemes' exhibition at Art in General, NYC.

Ioana was a tremendously talented artist. A Romanian who has exhibited mostly in Europe, her first show in the US opened just a few weeks ago at Art in General. Like much of Nemes’ previous work, the exhibition deals with time. Times Colliding continues through May 7.


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