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Christine Wong Yap Work-in-progress view of Cloud II (Aura / Good Thoughts) 2011 mixed media installation: Glitter foil on board, 3-D illusion plastic, fun fur yarn, thread, elastic, hula hoops, beads dimensions vary

Christine Wong Yap, Work-in-progress view of Cloud II (Aura / Good Thoughts), 2011, mixed media installation.

I’ve been working on a new cutout text installation for a forthcoming group exhibition. It will be an optimistic, exhuberant update to my copper and elastic installation, Cloud.

Cloud (installation view), 2006, copper, rope, elastic, monofilament, 7 x 6 feet / 2.1 x 1.8 m

Cloud (installation view), 2006, copper, rope, elastic, monofilament, 7 x 6 feet / 2.1 x 1.8 m

The original installation was comprised of mundane, mindless texts, such as “hey, it’s me, are you busy now?” The new iteration uses spoken, written and emailed texts from my life that express happiness, gratitude, or empathy. It will be made of colorful materials like 3D illusion plastic and glitter foil.

Your wish has come true

Work-in-progress view of hand-cut glitter foil on board. Text: “Your wish has come true.”

February 28 – April 1, 2011
Portraiture: Inside Out
Opening Reception: Thursday, March 3, 5—9pm
An exhibition of contemporary portraiture. Curated by Ruth Ballester, Whitney Fehl and Lauren Thompson, Graduate Students in the Museum Professions Program.

Artists: Sarah Bliss, Dominic Guarnaschelli, Gwen Hardie, Jenny Hyde, Pat Lay, Greg Leshé, So Yoon Lym, Ryan Roa, Steve Rossi, Jesse Eric Schmidt, Travis LeRoy Southworth, Tanja Targersen, Peter Whittenberger, Christine Wong Yap, Raphael Zollinger

Opening Reception: Thursday, March 3, 5–9pm
Walsh Gallery at Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ
Gallery hours: Monday–Friday, 10:30am–4:30pm

Also in the exhibition, by chance, are two members of the collective, Brolab, who I met through volunteering for the Art in Odd Places festival, and whose work I enthused about, last fall.

Random & Rad:

I did a Google image search for “attitude” and this is what came up:

Google image search results for Attitude

I love the mix of results! Trashy, jokey mottos alongside sincere (if simplistic) mantras for optimism. Just the first row is brilliant: unapologetic crudeness underscored by a sassy type treatment, self-help clichés (positive thinking, magic, happy face), motivational sports maxims, more unapologetic crudeness plus sexual egomania, and a party-goer’s mantra. It sort of exemplifies American ignominy as well as the desire for inspiration and the futility of oversimplified positive thinking. It presents lowbrow poles of irony and sincerity.


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