Missing Colors at Annet Gelink Gallery

I like the curious images for David Maljkovic’s solo show at Annet Gelink Gallery in Amsterdam.

David Maljkovic

David Maljkovic, Missing Colours, 2010, Installation with 5 framed b/w photographs, 1 framed photo collage, 1 collage on canvas, 1 tl light, coloured cellophane, slideshow of 80 slides. Image Source: Annet Gelink Gallery

I think the above use of slides that are removed from the viewer’s natural sightline is brilliant.

The other works use photographs, colored gels, historical bits of typography, site interventions, a little bit of painting and an oppressive grey collage material, it appeals to me visually with its open-endedness, while emotionally conveys longing for pleasure.


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