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Coffee cups, and military strategy

I am often told that my art work is about design, which surprises me. I rarely think about design as I’m making my work, and further, I couldn’t make work in a design-free vacuum. Design is the matrix of material forms in our lives. Typography is the very medium of visual-textual communication. As one would apply formal and conceptual considerations to materials, so too should typography be thoughtfully selected. Materials provide visual, textual, material content, as well as design meaning.

The importance of design ought be self-evident. This week, the New York Times provided positive and negative reminders to appreciate design.

“Leslie Buck, Designer of Iconic Coffee Cup, Dies at 87”
Margalit Fox, April 29, 2010

“We Have Met the Enemy and He Is PowerPoint”
Elisabeth Bumiller,, April 26, 2010

Above: An epic fail of an infographic. (Unless the point was to convey “quagmire.”)


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