ROOM 307: INKLING, GUTFEEL AND HUNCH, National Art Gallery, Manila


Check out photos of the installation of “ROOM 307: INKLING, GUTFEEL AND HUNCH,” an exhibition of contemporary art at the National Art Gallery in Manila. The show was spearheaded by MM Yu and Poklong Anading. I love the sequence of images, that shows the transformation of the dark, raw colonial-style hall in to a vibrant, populated group show, literally filling the hall to the rafters.

I especially loved the use of the windows as natural lightboxes for photographs by various artists.

The DIY spirit shines: groups of people doing what needs to get done, with scaffolding, no fancy scissor-lifts, and jury-rigged painting implements, mmmkay?

People do similar projects in warehouses in Oakland, but no one’s got a patent on authentic, DIY collectivity.


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