Good things happening to good people

Mario Ybarra Jr. opens a new show at Lehmann Maupin (NYC) June 24. Hint: it’s gonna be NUTS!

Ybarra also just opened his museum show at the Art Institute of Chicago a few days ago!

You know who else is on a roll? Jon Brumit. When I met Jon at his Vendetta Clinic at YBCA a few years back, he just seemed like this kooky SF dude who made art to facilitate talking to strangers. Then a collaborative he’s in, Neighborhood Public Radio, was at the Headlands. Then they were at the Whitney Biennial, and now he’s going, going…

Whoa! Two greatly admired artists are coming to the Headlands this fall: Ann Hamilton and Kerry James Marshall. Though I get impatient, I look to these artists and think about how wonderful it will be when I’ve been an artist for 25 or 30 years, when the work will be getting REALLY good…

Zero One San Jose: Families out and about on a warm-ish summer night: nice. Arty hi-jinks: cool. Laptop DJs wearing coveralls: is that really necessary? I like the idea of a new media festival, but I guess to fully appreciate everything requires a certain level of connoiseurship. New media, like anything else—paintings, drawings of little characters, textiles—can be a little hokey, but maybe new media is a little more susceptible because of the wow-factor can be blinding.

I think the point of the festival is to stumble upon art in public spaces, but for an out-of-towner like me, walking around San Jose at night looking for installations off South First Street was asking a bit much. It seems like a design solution would help…

Liked Jim Campbell’s First and San Fernando Street. Simple, giant faux-LED, responsive, with its structure unhidden to the public.

Jesus Aguilar at Space 47. I loved Jesus’ show at Stephen Wirtz. Really good stuff. At Space 47, a crisp white-cube storefront gallery run by Binh Danh and Angelica Muro, Aguilar shows some “Jesus Aguilar” via Google research-as-poster/vinyl/vitrine/video art.

First Thursday Gallery Crawl: I usually binge and purge on art. That way I see a bunch of shows for a week or two, and then don’t beat myself up when I miss a few shows the next week. My trip to New York a few weeks ago was a big binge. I think I’m still recovering, because nothing really hit home Thursday downtown.

Like Sarah Wagner’s deer at Sweetow: the photos online are nice, but they’re exquisite in person too.

Like Laurie Reid’s crushed glass squiggles (basically fancy glitter abstract gesture drawings) at Stephen Wirtz. Even though the artist is probably interested in a formal investigation, I like the drawings on a conceptual level.

But I did get to see Intersection’s auction yesterday, and a big thanks goes to Kevin Chen, program director, for framing my donation. It looks great, and I hope it was able to support Intersection‘s phenomenal programming.


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