Wofford’s studio sale!

Check out the artwork available by Jenifer Wofford, a friend, fellow artist, and the grassroots initiator of Galleon Trade, which enabled me to visit Manila last summer.

I think Jenifer’s work is accessible, finely crafted, and deeply personal.

We acquired one of her drawings from her Nurse series a year ago. I first saw the series at an auction to benefit an APA AIDS organization. The drawings of Filipina nurses resonated. Her statement — which describes a childhood memory of worrying about her mother handing syringes during the AIDS epidemic — made them even more powerful.

We still love the drawing. It’s really nice to support a friend who’s believed in me so much. Plus, as an artist, I believe the only thing differentiating collectors from non-collectors is the willingness to purchase art — you don’t have to know anything special, just know what you like and make it part of your home.

I know for a fact Jenifer believes in pricing her work affordably. Works on paper are great for beginning collectors because they’re affordable, modest in scale and easy to frame and display.

So, if you know of anyone who might be interested in supporting an artist by owning a work of art, please pass this on. If you’re interested (I don’t give advice about investments often, but…) I’d recommend acting now!


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