Art & Development

Oh — it’s a drawing!

Went to the opening of The Little Show at Swarm Gallery in Oakland last night. I thought Swarm directors Svea and Andrea did a great job making sense of the huge amount of work (75+ artists!). Earlier that day I just moped around the house with a sore throat, but I was glad I made it out… Oakland people out at a great time in an Oakland gallery. 

Lorem Ipsum #3, 2007, graphite, vellum, acrylic sheet, nails, 4.5 x 5.5 inches

Ran into Casey Jex Smith, who asked me about my contribution to The Little Show. I selected a piece from a new project called Lorem Ipsum. The work is meant to look like a wall text. I wasn’t worried about it looking too much like a print — until Casey mentioned that he didn’t know it’s actually a drawing!So, erm, in case you, too, were wondering — it’s a drawing. Cheers!


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