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Your Turn: Make Things (Happen) This Weekend

Pick up Make Things (Happen) activity sheets at Interface Gallery this weekend! The gallery is open from 11 to 4.

If you’re not in Oakland, you can download them at

Pavel Romaniko,  Do-It-Yourself Joseph Kosuth “One and Three Chairs” installation

Make your own seminal Conceptual artwork in miniature papercraft form with Pavel Romaniko’s Do-It-Yourself Joseph Kosuth “One and Three Chairs” installation.

Lauren Marie Taylor, Know and Believe

Lauren Marie Taylor, Know and Believe Make your own constellation and consider how you know what you know with Lauren Marie Taylor’s Know and Believe.

And check out what SF Weekly had to say!

Make Things (Happen) includes a great many more participating artists, which means a lot more choices for us. While some of the artists’ instructables can be executed solo, Yap is a great fan of the Venn diagram: Overlapping with others is the real payoff.

Tudor, Silke. “DIY Gallery.” SF Weekly. January 28.

Silke Tudor, DIY Gallery, SF Weekly.