Happiness Infographics

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'life is simple' by Moritz Resl

Moritz Resl, Life is simple, digital art print, 16x16 inches / 42x42 cm, Open edition.


I like these infographics, even if they are a bit simplistic, they’re upbeat.

Are you happy?

By H34DUP and David Meiklejohn. Source:

A quibble: humans adapt to positive emotions quite readily, as Phillip Zimbardo and John Boyd wrote in The Time Paradox. So the advice “Keep doing what you’re doing” would probably maintain happiness, but only for so long. Humans also need novelty, variation, and new challenges.

Cheap and Cheerful #5

Christine Wong Yap, Cheap and Cheerful #5, 2009, neon and glitter pen, 11.625 x 7.75 inches / 29.5 x 45 cm. Produced in the Breathe Residency at Chinese Arts Centre.

Plus, for you-know-whats and giggles (unless you’re an information graphics designer for which chartjunk is a curse upon the earth of Biblical proportions):

The usually illustrious Christoph Nieman’s illustration for

Illustration by Christoph Niemann

Illustration by Christoph Niemann for article about personal wealth and happiness on