Thought Experiments in Agency

Announcing Inter/dependence, my new ‘zine!

New ‘zine on artists’ personal impacts out Friday; available for pre-order now. Respondents’ discount available.

Inter/dependence: Artists' Personal Impacts Survey Review; Thought Experiments in Agency; Christine Wong Yap.
Based on survey responses from 112 artists, this new ’zine explores the positive psychological benefits of art practice, relatedness, and self-organized activities via an essay and nine data visualizations.

The ‘zine will be launched at LMCC Open Studios with Process Space artists in residence on Friday, December 11, 2015. Can’t make it to Governor’s Island? You can pre-order your copy now via Paypal. Ships after 12/11/15 via USPS First Class.

20-page self-published ‘zine: $5 + $3 postage within the US

Survey respondents: Get your first copy at half-off for a limited time only.*

Pre-order at

*Inter/dependence would not have been possible without the contributions of survey respondents, friends who shared the survey, and help from generous colleagues. In gratitude and the spirit of artists’ interdependence, a PDF download will be freely available at after December 11, 2015.

From the ‘zine’s introductory essay, an explanation of “interdependence”:

“Respondents brought up interdependence—“that sweet spot between independence and dependence shared with generous collaborators,” describes Steven Barich—as essential to their practices. One respondent notes, “I feel most in control when I can feel comfortable being interdependent, which is to say out of control and held in support by, of, and for my friends, family, and community.”

Simply put by Cal Cullen, “Artists need each other.”

Interdependence might be considered the intersection of autonomy and relatedness, which, along with competence, are the core needs at the heart of Edward Deci’s and Richard Ryan’s self-determination theory. Relatedness and autonomy may seem contradictory, but Deci—like respondents—insists that individuals can be autonomously dependent.”

Inter/dependence was developed as part of Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Process Space artist residency program in 2015.


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