The Eve Of...

While projects in The Eve Of… are about uncertainty, the process is providing many opportunities to expand my limited tolerance of uncertainty.

Researchers have identified ‘intolerance of uncertainty’ as an important cause of anxiety and anxiety disorders.

If you want to reduce rumination, anxious feelings, and avoidance…

Learn to tolerate not knowing the reasons for someone else’s behavior.

Learn to recognize when you’re avoiding doing something … because you can’t be completely certain of a positive outcome…

Learn to recognize when you’re taking too much responsibility for protecting others from possible negative outcomes….”

Alice Boyes, Ph.D., “Seven Tips for Reducing Anxiety, Rumination and Avoidance,” Psychology Today (March 1, 2013)* [Not the most academic source, but at the right time, this list was useful for me.]

The Eve Of… Residency Lesson #1: Tolerating Uncertainty


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