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The Lecturers: Cybele Lyle

Just listened to A Conversation, a great series of three short videos by Bay Area-based artist Cybele Lyle. It’s part of The Lecturers, a project by SF/PR artist Pablo Guardiola. As I’m delving into full-time studio work in my residency, hearing Lyle’s thoughts about how artists influence other unconsciously through their studio activities, and verbally beyond the studio walls, was compelling, and made me think of the various communities of studio neighbors I’ve had.

The videos are a nice project. If the name suggests a video recording of an artist’s lecture, from a single camera on a tripod in the back of an auditorium, fear not. It’s produced as a video, with a voiceover and source material and references. None of that off-the-cuff, heh-heh, should-have-been-edited-yet-unedited footage. Recommended.


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