“The art world is and always has been a  complex system, a field of constellations and interrelations—some friendly to each other, some antagonistic… each of us acteurs decides where we position ourselves and in what direction we move…

Exhibitions are opportunities to test situations and combinations, and to explore thoughts. For me, they… carry the potential to construct architectures of discourse. From my perspective, exhibitions are equal to seminars; both produce a space for communication through artistic and intellectual means…

An exhibition is a zone of activity, a space for communication that one must produce; it is not a given. An exhibition has to clarify what questions are being raised and share this process with the audience…”

—Ute Meta Bauer, “Zones of Activity: From the Gallery to the Classroom,” from Learning Mind: Experience into Art, Mary Jane Jacobs and Jacquelynn Baas, eds. (2009)

Ute Meta Bauer on Exhibitions


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