Call for Artists: Open Cube

Well, this sounds interesting:

An open submission to exhibit at a super-posh, A-list gallery in London, to be selected by an independent curator.

Leading contemporary art gallery White Cube has invited São Paulo-based curator Adriano Pedrosa to curate an exhibition at their Mason’s Yard gallery, London, in July 2013. Pedrosa’s project, titled Open Cube, will attempt to infiltrate the hierarchies of the gallery system by inviting any interested artists to submit works to be included in the exhibition. By opening up the selection process, Pedrosa wishes to unsettle the system of gallery practices, initiating a dialogue with artists that might not have access to this network.

During my single visit to White Cube, I found it perfectly designed, installed, and maintained—and, as these kinds of galleries often are—completely imposing. I felt like my sensible sneakers and backpack was mucking up the super-elite, size-0 atmosphere. This open call is different, and exciting. Even if they pick a commercial-ready artist who makes high-value art commodities, the call is free; it only costs artists a bit of time (10-30 minutes, depending how organized you are) to get your images seen by an international curator. Seems like a no-brainer—the only catch is that they’re looking for art already in London. Restrictions like these improve your odds, London artists! Go get ’em!


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