happiness is… research note #16

A recent sunrise at Montalvo.

A recent sunrise at Montalvo.

Happiness is savoring a good experience, and then being able to share the chance for others to experience it firsthand…

I’m very excited to share the news:

Montalvo Arts Center’s Sally and Don Lucas Artists’ Residency program has just announced an open call today! For the past seven years, the residency program operated on a nomination-only basis. For me, from the outside, this process made the program seemed exclusive, and by extension, all of Montalvo seemed less accessible. It’s great news that California artists are now invited to apply directly to the program.

Currently a funder mandate restricts applications to California residents, but a little bird told me that an international call is anticipated in the future.

The deadline to apply is January 25, 2013. See the details at:


Deer at Montalvo.

Deer at Montalvo.


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