Via Art Practical: Practical advice from Holland Cotter

NY Times Art Critic Holland Cotter shares:

I grew up with the idea that if you had the choice between gaining an experience and getting a thing, take the experience. And I’ve always done that. When I take a trip someplace, it lasts my lifetime; no one can take it away from me. I relive it all the time, and that intangible sense is what I really love. Objects I love, too, but not enough to want to have them in my possession.

And, on criticism:

It’s an evolutionary thing for me to figure out my own prejudices and preconceptions of what art should be like. …

What I want to do is be persuasive. That’s my main goal for writing, to invite people to share the experience I’ve had with art and see my enthusiasm for it or lack of enthusiasm for it, whichever may be the case. I don’t want to rap them on the knuckles and say, “You must know this.” I don’t want to talk down to people; I just want them to share my love of this stuff and my interest in it. To give people a way to latch onto it and realize why it’s important to their life that this stuff exists is my main goal.

Bad at Sports, “Profile: Holland Cotter,” Art Practical, 3.16


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