An Art Fair, Positively Materialistic

Last week I researched a lot of art materials, so when I attended the Armory Art Fair it seemed like the thing that attracted me the most were materials.

Spared from crowds and achey feet, you’ll have to excuse the poor-quality snapshots.

First, some novel materials or presentation styles I found attractive, interesting, or fun. Followed by some examples of exuberance/knickknackery, good ideas, nice techniques, and one lone example of an interest in psychology.

I did attend VOLTA, but my battery promptly quit. On my camera, that is. View a catalog. I loved Patrick Jacob‘s miniature vistas as seen through a miniature domestic set (The Pool, NYC). Also nice to see Ed Pien‘s work at Pierre-François Ouelette Art Contemporain, Montreal. Neat retroreflective paper cut.


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