see: Laura Buckley’s Fata Morgana at Cell Project Space, London.

Via Re-title

Laura Buckley, Fata Morgana, 2012, mixed media, (l.480 x h.290 x w.242 cm)

Laura Buckley, Fata Morgana, 2012, mixed media, (l.480 x h.290 x w.242 cm)

Laura Buckley
Fata Morgana
20th January – 26th February, 2012
258 Cambridge Heath Road, London E2 9DA

For Fata Morgana, Buckley has initiated an ambitious single screen installation commissioned specifically for the CYcLORAMA series and produced with the assistance of Cell, The Arts Council and The Irish Arts Council.

The title Fata Morgana refers to a highly complex superior mirage where inverted and erect images are stacked one on top of another causing an object on the horizon to be distorted beyond recognition. The name also refers to Morgan le Fay, mythical figure from the Arthurian legends at once a villain, seductress, witch, healer or goddess, her unquestionable power is dictated by her ability to shape-shift throughout the myths and legends in which she appears.

Where previously mechanical movement of objects has made up an important part of her installations, in Fata Morgana both the film and the sculpture are static. This allows the fast paced edit of the film and surface of the sculpture to interact with the body and perception of the entering viewer, including and absorbing them into the kaleidoscopic installation.

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Visit the outdated, but interesting, artist’s site.


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