Your chance to support a brilliant young photographer at a critical juncture

I met Gina Osterloh just before she moved away from San Francisco. So it’s only been through chance encounters, organized exchanges, and art opportunities in Los Angeles, Manila, New York, and recently, Woodstock, that I’ve had the pleasure of being impressed by her work and her intellect. She’s the real deal: a strong photographer with a compelling body of work and thoughtful ideas.

Gina is about to make a big leap—developing three new bodies of work in 2012. And if that’s not ambitious enough, the process will be in the public eye, when she sets up her photography studio in the non-profit LACE gallery, open to visitors.

In the past when sought contributions to fund new projects, I had to gather the nerve to ask. Knowing Gina’s humble demeanor, this is a big deal to create and commit to such an ambitious Kickstarter campaign. If you are able, show your support for this talented, hardworking artist.

Visit the Kickstarter campaign for Group Dynamics and Improper Light: new work by Gina Osterloh.

See more of Gina’s eerie photos.


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