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Chinese Arts Centre’s People’s Residency

I’m intrigued by this new initiative seeking 100 members of the public to fund a residency. Since the UK’s arts budgets have been dramatically slashed, arts organizations have to be creative to continue supporting artists and providing access to the arts to the public. I’m happy to support the fantastic programming of the Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester, UK, and to help another emerging artist get the opportunity that was so valuable to my research and practice.

‘The People’s Residency’ scheme looks to fundraise an entire residency programme via the public, where we need 100 members to sign up and pay a single membership fee of £35 [about $55 USD]. With your donation not only will you be funding a critical career development opportunity for one lucky artist but you will also get the chance to vote from our four shortlisted artists as to who you want to be the next Breathe residency artist for Spring/Summer 2012. And to top it all off you get a unique insight into the residency programme with special members only events, afternoon tea with the artist, members e-newsletters, artist’s online residency blogs and members only previews!


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