See: Swiss Institute’s Under Destruction III

I enjoyed the first two parts of the Swiss Institute’s exhibition, Under Destruction I and II (read my review on Art Practical). Under Destruction III is just as great. It closes on Sunday. If you won’t get to see it, have a look at these images at the Swiss Institute’s site.

I loved Jonathan Schipper‘s To Dust (2009–2010). It’s two cement statues hung upside down from chains attached to a motor. The motor activates subtle oppositional movement, so that the statues slowly pulverize each other.

Alexander Gutke‘s The White Light of the Void is a 16 mm looped film, brilliantly displays a nearly-blank film routed on pulleys attached to adjacent wall in place of a looping device. (Check out his other work too.)

Ariel Schlessinger‘s exploding Bubble Machine was not in operation during my visit, but you can watch YouTube documentation of this crazy device.

In the side gallery, Eric Anderson’s Reading Room exhibition is well worth a visit too. Prints produced in collaboration with Cabaret Voltaire are lovely, messy original objects that would appeal to graphic designers and printmakers alike. Using a variety of media, such as some kind of large-LPI photo media like polymer plate, letterpress, tricksy things like inked up letterpress furniture, overinking, under-inking, and transparent inks, there is a lot to look at and respond to, in optical, material, and conceptual dimensions.

I also stumbled across Matthew Brandt’s lovely decayed photographs at Hendershot Gallery. (In process, they seem not unlike Julie Perini’s Collaboration with The Earth film project). Click around Brandt’s site—lots of interesting uses of various media and photography (and I don’t mean printing on canvas). I especially like these Ed Ruscha-like Taste Tests.



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