Art & Development

SF to NY, 5 months later

In the San Francisco Bay Area, going to openings was a form of reciprocity for me. Showing up was a way to share my gratitude, interest, and participation. Running into friends and alumni was a common bonus. Some circles became as warm and familiar as an episode of Cheers.

New York is a different story. I bailed on a few openings last week. First of all, it’s cold. It’s 28ºF right now – bearable, but bundling up and braving the slippery, slushy, icy sidewalks is not exactly enticing. It’s also time-consuming in terms of transit—from my leafy borough to downtown takes 45-50 minutes (sometimes more with service changes). And, of course, I’m still very new here, which makes showing up sometimes feel like networking; I can’t wait until I gain a sense of community — that magical sense of participation and reciprocity…


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