Art takes you to some funny websites

This is the printing service I need for an upcoming project:

Newspaper Club: Helping people to make their own newspapers

Unfortunately, it’s based in the UK and they don’t ship internationally!

I am currently researching short-run printing on newsprint. I can’t afford offset printing quantities, and the local digital printers that I’ve worked are reluctant to try odd paper stocks. It’s one of my pet peeves when I have a vision and service bureaus try to steer me away from it. Materials matter; as much as I’m reminded of the option, I find simulating the newsprint “look” with a halftone depressingly dreadful.

Also, I’m disappointed that many digital printers don’t offer the same attention to quality as offset printers. (I’ve examined print samples with the owner of a digital press who said, in all seriousness, that “You can’t tell the difference” between offset and digital printing, though his halftones had banding and the ink a waxy finish. Outrageous.) It’s like how youngsters actually prefer the sound of MP3s over richer audio formats, and how oldsters like me find HD a little jarring.


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