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Invisible Venue Intervention + Paper for CAA Chicago

Christian L. Frock presents

“Hello! My Name is…” a site-specific intervention with contributions from Chris Basmajian, Michael Damm, Anthony Discenza, Charles Gute, Jamie Hilder, Scott Oliver, Susan O’Malley, Zachary Royer Scholz, Zefrey Throwell, Christine Wong Yap

College Art Association 98th Annual Conference
February 10 – 13, 2010
Hyatt Regency Chicago
151 East Wacker Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60601

Public Art Dialogue Session:
Site Variations: The Shifting Grounds of Public Art
Featuring “Invisible Venue(s): Alternatives to the Institution” an overview of Invisible Venue by Christian L. Frock
Friday, February 12, 9:30am – Noon
Regency D, Gold Level, West Tower, Hyatt Regency Chicago
Chaired by Dr Harriet F. Senie and Dr Cher Krause Knight

“Hello! My Name is…” is a site-specific intervention of artist-created conference badges designed for anonymous distribution during the College Art Association 98th Annual conference in Chicago. Drawing on the required reading of the ubiquitous name badge in conference settings, contributing artists have created messages in response to the context of this academic and social networking event for art professionals. Badges will be anonymously distributed within the conference and arranged on tables in the standard grid fashion typical of a reception area. Each badge will be printed on the back with “This is public art.” to direct attention to complete project details, documentation and a full suite of contributions online.

“Invisible Venue(s): Alternatives to the Institution” is a paper presented by Christian L. Frock in the conference session “Site Variations: The Shifting Grounds of Public Art.” The paper will be published in digital format by the College Art Association and will be republished in Issue 9 of Art Practical on February 25. A full length version of the paper, with images, will be accessible on and available for distribution upon request.

The College Art Association Conference is the world’s largest international forum for professionals in the visual arts, with an anticipated attendance of more than 4,000 artists, art historians, curators, critics, and arts professionals. This is a ticketed event.

For more information, please visit christian

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Invisible Venue collaborates with artists to present art in unexpected settings.


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