Art & Development

a moment for gratitude

I am feeling humbled and profoundly grateful to be one of the lucky artists to participate in the SoEx network.

SoEx’s Grand Opening Member’s Preview tonight saw the street closed off, strung up in festive lights, and peopled with smiling faces. It was a celebration of a shared hunger for art and ideas, with the tacit common ground that alternative art space is vital.

It seems like nothing short of a coup for a scrappy arts non-profit to secure a permanent home in San Francisco in this economy, and inaugurate it with new artist commissions and public projects.

It took a lot of people to make everything possible tonight. I’ve only glimpsed a small extent of the vision, courage, leadership, labor and generosity needed for this contemporary art barn-raising. Thank you.

Please stop by tomorrow between 4-10pm at 20th and Alabama Streets for continued revelry, of our fair city, and of our good fortune that it is home to a brilliant, generous, like-minded network.


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