Flooded Manila: How to help

Three days ago, Manila was besieged by Typhoon Ketsana. Sixteen inches of rain fell in 12 hours. 80% of Manila was flooded, with some areas under 20 feet of water. The flood extends to 25 nearby provinces. 140 people have been killed, and over 100,000 have taken refuge in shelters. (Source: BBC)

When I visited Manila in 2007, I saw many, many people of very modest means living there. But I saw just a fraction of an unbelievably dense, sprawling metropolitan area. It’s almost incomprehensible to imagine the 450,000 people who have been displaced by the storm.

It’s hard for most Americans to understand how far a U.S. dollar can go in the Philippines normally, much less during a state of emergency. If you can, please support the relief effort, so that the displaced can access clean water, food and aid.

If you can do bank transfers or fax your credit card info to an international line, you can donate to Philippines Red Cross.

To support the relief effort for children via credit card, visit UNICEF.


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