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The Shop

The Silverman Gallery in San Francisco is launching an exhibition called The Shop, which is

a curated exhibition/ pop up shop featuring artist editions, prints and other ephemera. In the spirit of Fluxus, DIY and punk, THE SHOP explores the ongoing dialogue between printed culture and artistic production, tracing the ways in which self-produced multiples blur the divide between art and commerce….

Featured artists: Ari Marcopolous, Bozidar Brazda, Matt Keegan, Tammy Rae Carland, Ryan Foerster, Malik Gaines and Alexandro Segade, Christina McPhee, Job Piston, Joseph Akel, BLAND, Aaron Krach, Luke Fishbeck, Marc Arthur, Neil Ledoux, Susan Silton, Yuval Pudik and many more!!!

I love artist’s editions and multiples — I’ve been making them for some time now, and it’s an odd corner of the art world to operate in, because it acknowledges both that artists should be paid for their work and art can be affordable.

I’m really excited about the show, and will definitely make it at some point to see it — but I won’t be there on the opening, because it coincides with the opening of Involved, Socially, at Triple Base Gallery, and if I may shamelessly self-promote it, it’s an exhibition curated by Michelle Blade featuring the works by Amanda Curreri, David Horvitz, Mark McKnight, Jessica Williams and Christine Wong Yap.
August 6–September 6, 2009
Opening Reception: August 7, 7–10pm
Triple Base Gallery
3041 24th Street, San Francisco, CA
gallery hours: Thu-Sun 12-5pm

I’ll be showing a new installation and my first curatorial project — an international mail art swap among multi-disciplinary and conceptual artists. I find the practices of invited artists completely intriguing and hope you will too.


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