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Motor turning a piece of paper on ladder in studio = nearly a day's work.

Motor turning a piece of paper on ladder in studio

It’s not much, but this is what I have to show for today’s work in the studio.* In spite of my contemptible soldering ability, I finally got this little three-volt motor to work.

It sounds like little beast. I may regret my idea to make a kinetic light box in my bedroom window.

What I learned in the past few days: Motors are not easy to come by. I almost ordered another motor from Jameco, even though it’d ship from California to the UK, and I’d have to use an adapter b/c of the different current. Luckily, I learned about RS Components, Ltd., based in Stockport, just south of Manchester. Next-day delivery only cost £5. Sweet!

*I also wired a fluorescent fixture to be a plug-in appliance, but it’s not much to look at yet either.


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