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An addendum to the previous post on Fareed Zakaria’s The Post-American World:

If, as Zakaria writes, America can continue “to thrive because it has kept itself open to the world—to goods and services, ideas and inventions, and above all, to people and cultures,” it follows that America should steer away from these current trends in the UK:

The curtailment of civil liberties.

Immigration policies that reduce the number of artists allowed to enter the country.

Like Zakaria, I believe that immigration policies that stop people from working are terribly misguided. Furthermore, artists are agents of culture; to de-value cultural exchange in an increasingly interdependent world reeks of regressive isolationism.

I’m looking forward to visiting London soon; the quality and vitality of the arts there are unparalleled. But if London becomes stagnant and inward-looking, there are many more centers in the art world that would happily render conventional art capitals like London obsolete.


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