Art & Development

One week until Breathe

If I’ve pulled back from local art, it’s because I’m preparing for an artist’s residency at Chinese Art Centre in Manchester, UK. The residency program is called Breathe — and the title couldn’t be better. I feel like I’m holding by breath until I get settled into the studio late next week.

Anticipation. From my current predictable perch (wake-eat-work-sleep), uncertainty seems terrifying. Luckily, I was able to visit Chinese Art Centre and Manchester in 2007, so I have a good sense of where I’m going, and the fantastic resources that will be available to me. I also know I’m in good hands with this organization… a relief.

Worried about money. (You write four rent checks in advance! Very sobering.)
Excited about:
Time to do nothing but make art.
Going to my first art opening in the UK. Whitworth Gallery, here I come!
Meat pies.
Graphic design and architecture. There’s so much great packaging and signage design for newcomers to appreciate… The Manchester Piccadilly rail station, for starters. Or a bag of Leicester cheese flavored crisps! Amazing.

Thankful for:
The hubby’s visit in March. So necessary.
Technology. I’ve accepted that I’m too attached to my computer to leave it behind. I’ll sleep in a strange bed in a new city for three months, but at least I’ll have my own virtual desktop.
And, finally, being able to talk about my president with pride.


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