No on Prop. 8: protect marriage equality

Though I can’t wait for Nov. 5, the polls are showing the Prop. 8 numbers are too close for comfort. Apparently out-of-state conservatives have been funding the Yes on Prop. 8 campaign to stop gay people from having the same rights as straight people.

This seems like an obvious one to me: it’s not OK to discriminate.

Banning gays from having the full rights of marriage, to having possibly only “domestic partnerships” is a way of creating unequal, discriminatory laws. “Separate but equal” is unacceptable.

I’m married. It’s great. Why wouldn’t I want other loving couples to have all the rights that I have enjoyed automatically, since the day I said “I do?” Allowing gay and lesbian couples to get married doesn’t harm my marriage. In fact, knowing that all people have the same rights as I do will only make it better.

Help show that California stands for equality. Vote No on Prop 8. And if you can, support No on Prop. 8 with a donation.


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