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Headlands Open House / Home for Artists

One of my favorite things about being part of the Headlands community is the post-Open-House walkabouts. Since I’m reluctant to leave my studio during the Open House, it’s nice to go around to the other artist’s studios and see everything I missed. We visited about two dozen studios tonight. I love visiting studios and hearing artists talk about their work.

Here are a few photos. Click on the image for a larger file.
headlands center for the arts post open house walkable photo collage

And if you were caught in Fleet Week traffic and missed Open House, here’s a 360 shot of my studio. Click on the image for a larger file.
lorem ipsum series, miniature charcoal ingots, the best person i can be lighted sign

I haven’t got installations up in my studio, because I’ve got an installation and sculpture out at Bay Area Now‘s Galleon Trade exhibition at YBCA, and am also preparing for the Headlands’ Mystery Ball on Oct. 25. The Lorem Ipsum series (2 panels plus 2 hand-drawn wall texts) will appear in Kearny Street Workshop’s Shifted Focus exhibition, which opens Oct. 25 as well.


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