Artists working together

As I mentioned before, Bay Area Now (ongoing at YBCA til November) is facilitating a lot of artists working and having conversations with other artists. And not only am I working with other artists, I’m working with BAN artists, like Erik Scollon, whose ceramics know-how is proving to be instrumental in my charcoal-based sculpture.

I paid a visit to Erik’s studio, and though BAN has opened, he’s still plugging away at the studio. It turns out that Erik’s project, Take Me Home and Use Me, involves the distribution of his utilitarian ceramic objects. Audience members can take an object at no cost — the only restriction is that users should report back with a photograph of the object in action. Erik makes really wonderful objects, and this is a really interesting social project, and I hope you get to participate. Don’t forget to register — Erik’s been busting his butt on at the throwing wheel, making every piece by hand!

Erik Scollon\'s Studio, in preparation for Take Me Home and Use Me

Erik Scollon's Studio, in preparation for Take Me Home and Use Me


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